Invest in your long-term goals

Intend isn't just another to-do list app. It's a system for achieving your goals. And where life-coaches charge hundreds of dollars to keep you on track towards your goals, Intend costs less per month than going to see a movie.

"Intend kept me focused during a multi-month charity research project that took hundreds of hours to complete. The value I got just from that was several times the $120 I paid for a whole year."
Tom, United Kingdom
$ 10 /MO
(paid as $120 /yr)
  • Access all features
  • Support via chat & email
$ 12 /MO
(cancel anytime)
  • Access all features
  • Support via chat & email
1 on 1 Coaching
$ 200 /MO
(first call free)
  • Access all features
  • 📞 2 hours per month

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Money-back Guarantee

If Intend isn't working for you, we'll completely refund any payment within 30 days.

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Strapped for cash?

Intend is well worth the prices quoted above, but for some people at some points in their lives, our default prices are just not affordable. We want you to still be able to use Intend, so go ahead and start the trial then contact us for more options.

(We're also exploring localized billing to accommodate exchange rates etc—get in touch!)

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