Frequently Asked Questions

How do I edit an intention that I inputted incorrectly?

There isn't a way to edit it. The idea is that once you've set intentions, they're on your list for the today. You can decide not to do it, but you can't decide to never have intended it in the first place.

Some options:

We realize this is a bit of a pain when you have a typo, but it works magic to keep the act of intending real, and to keep you in doing mode rather than organizing mode, during the day.

At the top of the timeline, there's a table... why are some cells colored and some aren't?

This indicates the enough/not enough state! It lets you visually glance at a day to see how enoughy it was, or a goal to see how on-track it is. See also the following question:

What's the whole "enough" / "not enough" thing?

This is for recording how your progress went that day towards a goal. For more on how to decide if something was "enough" or not, see this blog post.

What's up with "Detected: 10 minutes"?

If you have a time duration in your current (topmost not-done) intention, Intend will automatically detect it, and then display a little button that will give you a timer for that duration. For example, if you write "do yoga for 15 minutes" then you'll get a button to create a 15 minute timer.

The same system will also detect if your intention mentions a number of pomodoros, in which case it'll auto-complete the intention when you assign that many pomodoros to it.

Is there any way to put in tasks not for today? Either into a general list or scheduled for a particular date?

You can't currently do this directly in Intend, but there's an app called WorkFlowy which is amazing for breaking down projects into parts. And now, Intend has an unofficial WorkFlowy integration that lets you plan tasks for days and have them automatically imported into that day's intentions.

There is also a hidden feature you can use to plan just one day in advance! Press shift+i to get a text box where you can draft intentions for tomorrow.

What happens when I archive a goal?

When you archive a goal, instead of having a number code, it now has a two-letter code. This helps indicate that it's not active. You can still see events for that goal in your timeline and reviews, and the goal itself is listed on your goals page.

Completing a goal is mostly like archiving, except the goal also gets a big shiny final event noting that it is complete, and you're prompted to share your accomplishment.

How do I change the questions in the weekly review area? (or monthly, etc)

You can just change them right there in the text, and they'll offer to save for later!

If you hit ? on your keyboard outside the text box, it'll show you keyboard shortcuts, one of which makes new questions. You can also usually just copy-paste one of the others, tho it depends on your browser.

Also you can change them on the goals page (there's a button when you're editing the goals)

Can I export my data? I don't want to pour my data into an app from where I can't export it.

Yup! The data is stored as JSON, so that's how we export it:

If those don't work, or you need other data, get in touch and we can make it happen.

Those JSON files are a bit hard to work with because they're formatted for the database, not for people. The best readable output format is separated out per goal, sorted by time, and has your intentions+outcomes, priorities, and reviews. Change "1" to any other goal code (for archived goals that'll be a 2-letter code, such as "CO") to get that goal.

Where do I report a bug?

Email support at

You can reach out to us with any questions or bug reports using the intercom system—the purple circle in the bottom right. (If you don't have a purple circle, you probably have a very eager blocking system, like uBlock or Brave. You may want to unblock intercom on Intend, so you can talk to us!) You can also email support at

Intend also has a semi-official issue tracker on GitHub, where you can see if others have had the same bug as you and combine reports to help Intend track down complex issues. We don't necessarily check it regularly, so ensure you also let us know via intercom.

(if you have a question that's not answered here, ask it using the purple tab on the right side of the screen)

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