The start of the New Year is a time people have used to set resolutions since the ancient Babylonians 4000 years ago. Some research suggests that while only about 8% of people consistently reach their resolutions, even those who set them do better than those who don't...

But what if you could do better than resolutions?

This New Years' Goal Crafting Intensive is an online workshop that picks up where resolutions fall short. It's designed to provide you with the structure, focus and support you need to develop powerful goals that will help you have the most productive year of your life—so far!

What you can accomplish:

  • Get clarity on what your most important goals are
  • Identify possible actions and approaches you could take, and prioritize between them
  • Develop strategies to stay motivated and focused on executing your plan
  • Put in place systems to help you continually reflect, adjust and improve

The Intensive includes pre-workshop exercises so that you arrive ready to hit the ground running, instruction and coaching to provide you personalized support, and a practice group that meets weekly so you can continue learning with peers throughout the year.